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Use our free fundraising platform today to help the ones you care about, help them get to where they want to be.

Fundraising for a charity dear to you?

Start a charity fundraiser for the things you care about with our free fundraising platform. This means your favoured charity receives more.

Fundraising for volunteers

Use our free fundraising platform to get the financial support you need to help play your part and encourage others to help out.

Easy to use, free fundraising platform. Fundraise for your project now. is a free fundraising platform that helps you fundraise for friends, family and any good causes. Whether it’s medical bills or local community issues, you have a platform on our free fundraising platform to help you raise funds.


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Support VICTIMS of COVID Vaccine

by Kristian Petersen

USA, United States (US)


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Support CHILDREN who has been ABUSED by PEDOPHILE – and WIN an OPEN HEART <3

by Jens Petersen

Thailand, Thailand


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Solace – Support what Money Can’t Buy.

by Kristian Petersen

England, United Kingdom (UK)

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Create your fundraiser project

Simply input your crowdfunding project details into the Bonfarado system to make your project live. Be as descriptive as you can to let potential donaters know exactly what the fundraiser is for.

Share your fundraiser project

Using the power of social media, share your fundraiser with friends and family. The more people that help you share, the more exposure you will receive.

Get access to your funds

Bonfarado is free to use and our withdrawal system let’s you access your funds without hassle or fuss. The funds will be deposited direct into your bank account
Bonfarado works on all devices

Here’s just some causes that you can raise funds for

You can always count on bonfarado to help you raise funds for projects you are passionate about, whether it’s medical bills, animal treatment, or personal crisis, we’ll give you a platform.

Get help with medical bills

$0, volunteer & donation campaigns

Help with accident costs

Help local animal welfare

Fundraise for a charity or NGO

Raise funds for other causes

Why use crowdfunding?

With many different crowdfunding platforms, why should you use Bonfarado to help fundraise for your project?

Easy to use

Your crowdfunding fundraiser can be live in a matter of minutes with our easy to use system with instant approvals on most projects. 

Free to use platform

We don't take any fees from your donations, and we guarantee that 100% (less processing fees) of your funds go direct to the people in need.

Universal withdrawals

Using Stripe and Paypal, you can access your funds with little hassle all over the world. Our mission is to make receiving charity easy!

Charity without limits

No fundraiser is too small. People need help in all shapes and sizes and we're here to make sure even the smallest voices get heard.

Our fundraising mission

In a time that we saw many different individuals and companies band together to do what they can to help friends, loved ones and the local community get through a testing time, we still saw poverty and hunger on the faces of the less fortunate. Our spirits were lifted as we saw the community band together, but it raised the question – How can we get more people to help?

Free to use crowdfunding platform

An idea was birthed to create a free to use crowdfunding platform that allows users to create worthy crowdfunding causes and receive all the money donated (minus card processing fees). We wanted to create a platform and give you the exposure that will help breathe life back in to the local community including our friends, family and loved ones that are going through hard times and crisis.

Bonfarado means charity, literally

Taken from the Esperanto language, Bonfarado translates to Charity. As we all know, charity begins at home and with our platform, your home and the help available can become much larger.


Are you ready to start fundraising with

Follow these easy steps and set up your crowdfunded fundraiser now. With your support we can help to make the world a little better, each time.

Who is your fundraiser for?

Decide who and what your fundraiser is for. It could be a friend, relative, pet, business or community that are in need of medical bills or crisis funds.

Create your fundraiser

Use our Start A Fundraiser button and sign up with your fundraising idea, fill out the form completely and add as much information about your project as possible.

Share on social media

Post the link to your fundraising campaign on as many social media platforms as you can, asking friends and family to also share. The more exposure you get, the better.

Collect your donations

You will be able to collect the donations to your fundraiser at any point with our easy to withdraw system. We want to make sure your funds get to where they need to be quickly.